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What Do You Wrap A Sprained Ankle With

Hi everybody. Claudia here, with Healthy Treasures. So my daughter woke up this morning telling me that her ankle is hurting. She twisted it a couple of weeks ago. This has happened before. and we used clay to treat her ankle. The last time it happened her ankle had been hurting her for a month or so. Is that right So it was hurting her for about a month or so. And we put the bentonite clay on it a bentonite clay paste on it that night and the next morning it had completely stopped hurting. So she’s kind of twisted it or rolled.

It again and she woke up telling me that it was bothering her. And so we’re going to put a clay paste on it today. And I’m going to show you how we do that. All that we’re using is some water, 12 cup bentonite clay powder, a foot band to keep it around her foot, normally I don’t use this but because we’re applying the clay during the day we want to make sure it stays on, a wooden spoon and saran wrap. So I’m just going to mix together the.

Clay and water. Usually you use 1 part clay to 3 parts water. There isn’t an exact recipe just add water and mix until you get a nice paste. The clay will soak up a lot of the water. You can just feel it out as to how much water you need to add. girls giggling Hey you! Something that you want to remember is that you don’t want to use a metal spoon. Some people say that it negatively affects the clay’s healing properties. Just use a wooden spoon or a plastic spoon. I’m just going to pull off a strip of this saran wrap and apply the clay to her.

Sprained Ankle Bentonite Clay Wrap diy home remedies

Foot. Jasmine!! giggling I’m just going to put it around her whole area that’s bothering her. If you wanted to you could even add some essential oils into the clay. Like lavender or tea tree. Both of those help reduce inflammation as well. This time I’m just doing a plain clay paste no essential oils included. So you want it nice and thick. Just a nice thick layer of it. And now I’m going to wrap it with saran wrap. If it was night time I would just leave it like this. But seeing as how we’re doing this during the day we’ll apply.

An extra wrap just to help keep it on there. We’ll leave this one for half an hour to an hour. And she can wash it off once she’s done with it. And this really helps to get rid of the pain. What happened last time we did it It completely stopped hurting the next morning and felt completely fine. Yeah, the pain was just gone and it had been there for over a month. Yeah and I could barely walk on it. Yeah, you were having a hard time walking.

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