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Sprained Ankle Emergency Treatment

Good morning! Good morning! Oops! What is happening I have a sprained ankle. Then you should not run this fast. It is unexpected as I ran back from there. It is ok, we have a doctor here. That is right. We have Dr. Chan. Good morning! Good morning! You have talked about different types of sprained ankle two weeks ago. Like inversion sprain or eversion sprain. So, we are going to talk about PRICE today. Why do we need PRICE for sprained ankle Do you mean how much PRICE is the management for sprained ankle after you had injured yourself.

Twisted ankle means sprained ankle. So, what is the true definition of sprained ankle It defines as the injury to the ligaments due to excessive force of sprain. We are talking about acute cases with external factors, for instance, playing soccer or walking. Therefore, you cannot sprain your ankle when you are seated, ok For those who always shake their feet. Like shake to sprain their ankle. Like when sitting on a high chair. then shakes our feet, and then Oops! It can happen under any circumstances. Sometimes you will not want to but other people can step on you.

Those are unavoidable. So, you have just mentioned the method of management. So, what is the meaning of P in PRICE P represents Protect, meaning we need to protect the ankle. There are many ways to protect the ankle. For instance, we can wear a brace, use a support or taping to stabilize the ankle. Are shoes important Yes, for that severe condition, we may not even take the shoes off. We can even tape the shoes all together. Meaning immediately after the injury That is right. If you are required to keep going on the sport, this is the only way.

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It will be really painful to take off the shoes, tape it and put on the shoes again. Understood. What about the second R R stands for Rest. Rest means we are not letting the ankle to bear weight again. And if needed, we can also use a cane, so that we can still walk. At home, do we need to lift up the leg That will be the E of the PRICE management. Don’t rush! Do you want to be a doctor Your name is Rodney and he is Ronnie.

What I represents Let’s talk about IC together, IC means Ice. That means we need to apply ice. Do you have a question Yes, because our ancestors, like my mom and grandma, they talked about using ice will cause degenerations, Doctor! We should use hot towel. From the opinion of western medicine, it is not true. Different situation will need different method. In an acute situation, you can only apply ice. On the other side, if you apply heat in acute situation, it will become worse. In the past, you may not be able to find ice.

So, by the time you can do something for the injury, heat will be better in that case. But, in the beginning, if you apply heat, it will certainly become worse. Of course, if you want to know how to apply heat, we can talk about that later. So, if IC are together, so what is E E stands for Elevation which means lifting it up. Elevation can help to reduce blood flowing to that area. That is correct. So, elevation can help to reduce swelling. I’d like to know, is there a time frame for doing the mentioned procedures.

You can perform PRICE procedures within 72 hours. After 72 hours, we can do something different use some other methods to help. So, these 72 hours are quite important. It is because if we do not do it correctly, the condition will get worse. Some of us, for instance, may say, Rest is enough. Will there be a problem in the future It is very special for sprained ankle that we do need to take care of it seriously. A sprained ankle is an injury to the ligaments. If you do not do anything, you will not feel pain pretty soon.

If we consider recovery equals to no pain, this is very wrong. Many people believe no pain means recovery, however, the construction of ligament is very special. There is not much nerve connects or blood supply, therefore, it takes a long time to heal. It will take from a month to 3 months, depends on the degree of injury. If you do not feel pain and go back to exercise, and resprained it again. Then, the vicious cycle will keep going and that explains why sprained ankle never heals. So, for the healing process, what are their stages.

There are few stages which depend on the degree of sprain. Grade 1 will be different from Grade 2 and so on. You have listed a number of things, such as trigger point treatment, myofascial release and transverse friction massage. What are they They are considered massage techniques. Therefore, massage can help, which also considered as passive treatment. Those are, treatments being done on ourselves and we can only receive in a clinic. The second one is stretching, which can be done by ourselves and the third one is doing exercise.

So, out of these 3 things, we can do 2 on our own. We always emphasize prevention is worth more than care. So what can we do to strengthen our ankle What can we do at home There are many things we can do at home. Of course, in a clinic setting, we can use a lot of instrument. I will talk about the details next time. A big brother of mine had trained with gravity defying kung fu by putting heavy weight at the ankle Could this make our ankle more prone to get sprained.

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