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This is my tutorial journey of my weight loss or better yet my photo journey of my weight gain. if you read my description you will notice that in November 2007 is when I started to notice I was gaining weight. I was a 169 pounds at that time. Which is three pounds shy of my pregnancy weight but in this photo I still look like I’m pregnant. My thighs were huge, causing fires below. I broke my ankle in 2008. and then February 2009, I was able to start working out again.

I joined online weight loss community called Buddyslim and they helped me to get some better eating habits and exercise or workouts and by May of 2009 I was down to 152 pounds. Which is the lowest weight that I’ve been since 2007 year. I did slowly creep back up in January of 2010 to 156 and for all of 2010, I was between 154 and 158 pounds. I kept fluctuating back and forth. So I call that maintaining. I may not have been maintaining though, I may have plateaued because I couldn’t lose more, less than that 154 than I did in Mar of 2010.

I was still doing 5ks. I look a little pudgy around the waistline but those are just sweatpants. But far as a medical standards are concerned, I was actually 45 pounds heavier than the weight that I should have been. But my standards, I was 25 pounds heavier than what I wanted to be. But my guns look good down though! I mean look at that. But by the end of the year in November 2010, I started picking up a couple pounds again. As you can tell, I’m carrying all the weight in my breast and my arms. Even though my boobs look good that was all fat.

My Photo Journey to Obesity

I started a slow climb back up to 159 pounds. So May of 2011, this is where I was at and as you see Dunlap is hanging around my waistline. And by Sept 2011, I was 162.2 pounds. I dropped down in October 2011 to 160 but as you can tell, my arms are still huge. Still carrying a lot of fat in my arms. So, as of April 2011, April 2012, I was back up to 168 pounds. I look like I was pregnant. I even had the stretch marks.

My nails look good on this picture though. But yeah, as my booty and my belly started to be the same size in the opposite direction, again I was 168, so I had to hit the ground running. And I did so pretty hard up until August 12 of 2012. I was down to 160.5 pounds but then that didn’t last long. I lost a job, then had to pick up a night job, I was losing sleep, I had horrible eating habits. I found out that my friends weren’t my friends at all, I had some heartache. I had all kinda crap going on. So in this pic.

I don’t even know what weight I was. That was June 2013, on my birthday. So, and it just kept going downhill from there. As of December 2013, I was a 186 pounds. As you can see in these pictures, I even looked sad and depressed. I couldn’t smile. My posture was leaning to the left. No, that was not the camera. it was just I was standing horribly. Then that’s my Sponge Bob Square ASS look. My butt and my thighs were meeting and all became one. I tried to still do some workouts but then I wasn’t running very fast and.

My smile was forced and I stared wearing black because it was the best thing that look good on me. By 2014, by 2015 this picture is out order but that’s me on the day I started my tutorial journal. I was 191.4 the day of my daughter’s prom and I was sucking my stomach on that picture. But if we go back a couple months, Jan 2015 was 187.8. Dunlap was hanging in there going on that trip with me. And on graduation day, even though I’m covered up with this big gown, you can still tell.

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