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Severe Ankle Injury Compensation

Hi. I’m Attorney Andre Ramsey, your workers’ compensation attorney. I get asked all the time, how much is my workers’ compensation case worth The truth is, it depends. Before I answer that question, let me tell you how a workers’ compensation case is different from any other case specifically a slip and fall, a personal injury case. Workers’ compensation does not award injured workers’ pain and suffering. Now, I know you’ve been through it. I can only imagine. You’ve been through some pain, you’ve been through some suffering, and you probably still will go through that no matter what happens with your case. But it’s important.

To realize that there is no value in workers’ compensation for pain and suffering. Now, injuries cost based off of the type of injury it is. For instance, if it’s a back injury, that may have more value than an ankle injury or perhaps a hand injury. To know the true answer, it’s based off of how much you make on a weekly basis and how much the insurance company owes you if you are out of work for a period of time. There are three things we consider in any workers’ compensation settlement. The first, how much do they owe you on a weekly.

Basis Second, how much is needed for your future medical treatment and for how long Third, what is your disability rating Now, disability rating is typically assigned to you by your workers’ compensation doctor. But he or she won’t assign that until you’ve been through some form of treatment for a period of time, and after you have reached what is called maximum medical improvement. That just simply means there is nothing else the doctor can do to put you in a better position. But due to your injury and your accident,.

How Much Is Your Workers Compensation Case Worth Workers Compensation Lawyer Atlanta

You’ve lost a percentage of the use of your body due to the accident. Those three factors is what we take into consideration when we’re coming up with any type of value. The good thing about what we do at the Cochran Firm is I will always contact you and discuss with you what your claim is worth, well before I submit a demand to the insurance company. So you and I will have a good understanding of where your case is, how much it’s worth, and more importantly, how much the insurance company will pay. So give me a call today.

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