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Leg Calf Exercises

Hey guys it’s Justin from the Under 20 workout. Get ready we’re going to show you three amazing leg toning workouts and exercises to get you going while you’re watching TV. Leg health is so important. So many guys don’t pay attention to their legs. You’ve seen the guys at the gym walks around like this, tooth pick legs. The best way to get injured is to neglect your legs. Healthy legs take care of your back, your spine and your legs. Alright, strong healthy legs, great foundation. Alright so you’re at home. You’re watching TV. Three great moves you can do to get in.

Shape, amazing shape, burn tons of calories. We’ll start off with the deep lunge 2020. So all it is you’ll get in to a lunge nice and comfortable, make sure you feel loose. Then start bouncing just a little. Then from the side it looks like this. Alright once you’re comfortable stay here. We’re doing 20 on each side, eight, nine, do them with me, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen. It’s starting to burn a little bit now. Keep it up good now switch sides. Alright, one, two. Like I said leg health so important for.

Everyday life, lifting, walking around, everything. Alright, you can go about 30 seconds on each side. If you want to you’re watching your favorite TV show. Great thing to do during commercials. Just do these, jump up and do these every time there’s a commercial when you’re watching the game. Alright good. Now second one, this will burn calories because you’re using every muscle in the body. Alright squat sprint. Get down in a squat and start to run using those arms, whew bringing those knees up as fast as you can. 30 seconds we’re going whew. Alright, do them in 30 seconds.

Killer Leg Toning Workouts You Can Do At Home Short home workout routine

Intervals this is amazing at burning calories. Hands here to here, faster getting those knees up, yeah you can feel it. Whew using those arms, the core, the hips, the under 20 workout, will use every muscle every time we work out. Lower body day we still use the upper body. Upper body day, core day, everything gets used. Good, three, two, one, good. Got a nice little workout going here. Third one, ski jumps. No one does this except Under 20 workout. So ski position here we go you’re right here and boom jump. Good. Do twelve of these four, five, starting to.

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