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Broken Ankle Emoji

Oh, hello! Hey, guys, this Tuesday is TMI Tuesday as I do the TMI tag where I answer 50 questions and. Queshshins That’s my Miranda Sings impression, it’s getting better. As I answer 50 random questions, not random. This Tuesday is TMI Tuesday as I answer too much information in these 50 questions tag. I just spit, I don’t know if the camera could pick it up, but maybe that was TMI, we’ll find out. Want to See You There by Royalty Free Music Crew I’m wearing what I like to call.

My golf dad chique buttondown. As you can tell, there’s a wonderful little feather right there, and these pants. Yes. Yes. I am five four, on a good day. Five three and three quarters if you’re using measuring tape. I weigh 120 I have two tattoos. One right here. Nahnah nahnah nah Nah nah, nah nah Bam! And one right here. yodels No, not a one. I used to have my nose pierced but I took that one out, so yes, just one. It was really hard to keep it in.

And then I would always lose it in really inconvenient moments to lose something metal from your nose. For those of you that don’t know stutters For those of you that don’t know, OTP means One True Pairing. My favorite pairing, wine and cheese. sings highpitched note Praise emoji. I have a lot of favorite shows throughout time. I guess that my current favorite shows would have to be Game of Thrones, though it’s an emotional rollercoaster, which is just how I like to live my life. Favorite bands, rubber Right now I’m in New York, so I miss Ollie,.

TMI TAG ft. Hannah Hart!

My beautiful, beautiful, beautiful baby dog. One of my favorite songs is Paranoia in B Major by the Avett Brothers, but right now I really like this song called Still Got a Ways to Go by Darrell Scott. I’m 28, and I think it’s pretty great. Scorpioh no. The qualities I look for in a partner are honesty, authenticity, integrity, openness, kindness, compassion, and drive. So that’s seven great qualities for somebody to, you know, have. I have a lot of favorite quotes but one of my favorites I think is probably the one I try to remember the.

Stutters One of my favorites is from Rilke and kinda to paraphrase it is, Live the questions, don’t look for answers. Another one of my favorite quotes is, Patience is a passion of all great hearts, which I think is lovely, the thought that patience is a form of passion itself. So you know me, guys, I’m a lot of fun at dinner parties. I don’t really have a favorite actor. I have a favorite reactor, which is. I’m really big into earth tones, so sometimes I really, really like green,.

Or sometimes I really, really like blue. But I also really, really like yellow. And then I realized blue and yellow equals green, so I think I just like that color family. So that’s my answer. I guess I like soft music that makes me feel loud, and loud music that makes me feel soft. Just to make it complicated. Where do I go when I’m sad To a window, to be totally honest. When I am sad or when I’m overwhelmed, I like to stare out windows and look outside.

And look at just the view and get some perspective and try and think that this sadness is temporary because look at all the other things that are happening in the world right now. But really I just like to look out windows, to be totally honest. To a window. To the wall. ‘Til the sweat drop down my balls. All them bitches crawl How long does it take for me to shower I guess too long I don’t know, it’s anywhere between five and 10 minutes.

So, there you go, fun facts. whistles 22, god. 22 out of 50 Let’s go faster. Not very long at all, have you seen my eyeliner Ha, ha. I can’t condone violence, I don’t think it’s good. Turn on Oh, I get it, turnon, not, Turn on Sure, turn everything on. A big stutters A big turnon for me is eye contact. Windows to the soul, man. Windows Disingenuineness. In March of 2011, I joined YouTube to send a tutorial to a friend of mine, named Hannigail, who I love with all my heart.

She was depressed, I made her a joke, the joke was called My Drunk Kitchen, it changed my entire life, it brought you guys into my life, and everything has gotten better. So the reason that I joined YouTube would have to be fate, in my opinion. Or, friendship. I joined YouTube because of friendship. I have a big fear that I will settle for less than I deserve or not try to be happy because being happy seems scary and hard, so that’s something I work on a lot. Cried a little bit I think at a park earlier.

’cause it was such a beatiful day. So there’s that. I was texting my little sister earlier. I said I love you then. Booboop booboop booboop. My YouTube name, Harto, is actually hahtoh, which when I lived in Japan is what everybody called me, Harto, which means heart, pronounced Japanesestyle. The last book I read before this moment was. Oh, Do Story, it’s about how to tell the story of you. It’s really short, I can’t remember it exactly, but it’s this big. So, it’s not in my backpack anymore ’cause I read it, because.

This is the book I’m currently reading, it’s called My Stroke of Insight by Jill Bolte Taylor and it is phenomenal. I highly, highly, highly recommend you guys at the very least listen to her TED Talk. Basically to sum it up, the book is about a neuroanatomist, which is like a neuroscientist but who actually studies the deep anatomy of the mind, who has a stroke, and realizes she’s having a stroke so she gets to analyze the stroke from within the stroke, and what stems from it is her deeper, broader understanding.

Of how we relate to the universe and each other. It’s amazing, I can’t put it down, I love it so much. So, if you don’t read books, listen to the TED Talk, if you don’t listen to TED Talks, try and read this book. If you don’t do either, enrich your lives. The last show I watched was the series finale of Mad Men, which was really exciting because there was actually one of my YouTube commercial spots in the series finale and it came at this incredible moment where these two characters admitted.

That they loved each other for so long and I didn’t see it coming and it was so hopeful and wonderful, then all of a sudden my face was there. I freaked out, it was incredible, it was really, really great, so thank you, Mad Men, and also really thank you, YouTube. Love you. I talk to myself a lot. As previously mentioned, the relationship between me and the person I last texted is my little sister, who I love. Favorite food scoffs Yes. One of the places that’s on my bucket list.

That I’ve always wanted to go to and want to go before it’s too late is Iceland. I wanna go see the glacial mirror caves and find the invisible people ’cause it seems like such a detached piece of human history, so I’d love, love, love to go to Iceland. Plus, when they speak, it sounds like they’re talking backwards. The last place I was was at the park, taking a walk, and it was so beautiful I started to cry. Mmm. Last time I was insulted, uh, you know I don’t know, so, there’s that.

Probably somewhere in the comments section. I’m not gonna go diggin’ for it. I don’t really like sweets, so I’ll take a seasalted caramel, or a chocolate. A dark, dark chocolate. I play none. I’ve dabbled in many. That nose ring I lost in a fit of passion. Is walking a sport Last song I sang. Oh, last song I sang. Hello! Mmm. I went and celebrated somebody’s birthday today, so that was really fun. So I hung out, I hang out with a lot of people a lot. I really, really, really love good company.

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