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Broken Ankle Doesn’t Hurt

Zoe Bruce My name is Zoe Bruce, and I’m eleven years old. I am a very, very competitive gymnast. Tiffany Bruce My name is Tiffany Bruce and I’m Zoe’s mom. She was almost nine and a half that she was here at the gym. I was at work, Daddy was driving carpool, and she fell off the high bar. And I got that call at work and had to meet them at Children’s in the emergency room. It was very scary. She had broken and dislocated both elbows. She had two full arm casts from hand to armpit, and she needed help to do everything.

Obviously she couldn’t bend her arms being the cast. She needed help to eat and go the bathroom and get dressed and go to school, so I got to be a fourth grader for two weeks. A couple of her coaches went with her on some days. She enjoyed eating popcorn because I could just put the bowl in front of her, and she could just take her tongue and eat up the popcorn. Zoe Bruce Actually I think that it kind of made me stronger. After I injured my arms it made me realize that I just, I wanted to be a gymnast. I didn’t want to quit.

Tiffany Bruce Just two weeks after her surgery she was itching to get back in the gym to be with her team. As soon as she got clearance from Dr. Mehlman to do anything, even if it was just like leg lifts or sit ups or mountain climbers, anything. Every appointment she is asking him what she can the next, what can she do next. Zoe Bruce I mean, who would have thought that a nine year old little girl who felt like she was two feet tall could come back from such a big injury and then win fourth at state the next year.

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