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Broken Ankle 1 Year Later

Hi its Sprig Barton Im going to show you quickly really quickly how to have a shower with a broken leg I had a broken leg, it was this one. a little while ago so I got someone else to bring this up here from the garden. put it in the bathtub I got a garbage bag a garbage bag, and what I did I cut it in half lengthwise and taped it up so it was a skinny bag I’ll show you using a whole bag You just wrap it around your leg with the cast.

And if the legs broken down there you can tape it down there. if its broken over your knee you can tape it up here you can use this kind of tape or you can use masking tape whichever kind you like and you might also want to tape it on your skin for a short time just to keep the water from getting down there you get the good leg and put it in the tub sit down here the leg thats all taped up with the cover is out there you can either use the shower curtain or not.

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