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Ankle Sprains From Basketball

We have many types of sprains and strains in the foot and ankle. Very commonly, runners can pick up sprains where that small tendon is sliding behind the heel and coming down to the bottom of the foot. People start to feel stiffness and tightness on the inside of the ankle. This is more common if their foot starts overpronating and rolling inward, we put extra stress and strain on these tendons. These same tendons are coming down to the bottom of the foot to help keep that arch up. If people are wearing old shoes where it’s common, starting to run on rougher surfaces.

Or trails where the foot rolling in and out more often or just requiring more stability. Sometimes people see it if they’re switching from a stability shoe to more neutral shoe. Anything that overwhelms this area can start hurting the muscles, tendons, and ligaments producing foot and ankle pain. Treatments about decreasing the pain and inflammation with electric, ice, cold laser, stretching the calf and affected muscles, and help letting the area rest, recover, and heal. Some people respond better with massage therapy to help work the lower leg, calf and making sure that.

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