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Ankle Sprain Keeps Swelling

What are the signs your ankle is broken Your supposedly twisted ankle hasn’t healed after two weeks. You’ve kept it in wraps and ice and it still hurts to walk on. You could sprain it that bad. A broken ankle will be agony if there is any pressure on it, hurting far worse than a sprain. And a sprain will get better unless you overuse it too soon. Whereas you can’t run on a broken leg. And you can’t run on a broken ankle. What else should I look for I’m assuming there are not any jagged bones sticking out of the leg.

That’s a pretty obvious sign. A deformed ankle, twisted at a weird angle, is a sign it is broken. A sprain or even tissue tear will only make it swell up. That’s not reassuring. A broken ankle will have similar symptoms like throbbing pain, bruising and tenderness. That’s where it is hard to tell if it is sprained or broken. But you’re probably dealing with a broken bone if you can’t put a shoe on, and it is broken if can’t put any pressure on it without wanting to scream. Sprains are like that.

I mean literally scream, not figuratively. Like saying you literally can’t get out of bed if you aren’t tied down to it is figuratively making me want to bash your head in. Whereas a broken bone is literally killing you. Only if it is so bad it causes really bad internal bleeding and blood clots. But if the whole foot and ankle look reddish purple, something badly damaged and you need to get to an ER. I didn’t hear anything snap. A stress fracture won’t make noise. And it might not have been loud enough to generate.

Signs Your Ankle is Broken

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