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Ankle Sprain Front Of Foot

Hey everybody, it’s Doctor Jo. Today I’m gonna show you how to wrap a sprained or swollen ankle. Let’s get started. So when wrapping a sprained ankle, either for yourself or for someone else, usually a sprain is on the outside of the ankle here. So you want to have your foot in a neutral position. About that 90 degree angle, and slightly out to the side cause this is the side that hurts. So when you’re wrapping it, you want it to go out a little bit to take the pressure off the ligaments on the outside. Take these little.

Pieces off, and don’t step on them because that will probably hurt. One key piece that makes it so much easier when you wrap is roll it out this way. Don’t roll it out this way because if you roll it out this way, it will come out smoother, and this way you have to kind of twist and turn your fingers and it ends up making it really hard. But don’t drop it cause then it will all roll out. So you want to do just a little anchor up top here,.

And you want it to be on the outside this way so when you pull, you’re pulling that foot to the outside to get into that outer neutral position. So usually I’ll just do one or two wraps at the top. And then come down across, and see how I give it a little tug and then come back up. So what you want is a little bit of pressure, but not so much where you’re cutting off the circulation and then once you get down to the toes, here, you want a little bit more pressure then up top because you want that flow of the fluid.

Sprained Ankle How to Wrap an Ankle Sprain Ask Doctor Jo

And the swelling to come back up this way. So you don’t want a lot of pressure here and then it go all the way to your toes. The pull a little bit again, come around, pull a little bit again, come up, wrap around. If you want to go one more time, get that last little bit right there, pull and come around. I usually leave the heel mostly out because if you’re gonna put a shoe on or something, it just works a little better that way. And then you.

Come around wrap it back up. Usually at the top because once you put these anchors back on, you don’t want them to be anywhere down on the bottom of your foot. But sometimes these aren’t the best, so maybe just using some sports tape or something cause again, you don’t want to stab your skin with those little things. So that is just to pull outside, a lateral ankle sprain. See how it keeps it now in a neutral position so if I just relax now it keeps it here and it’s not dropping it down and it’s not dropping it inward which.

Is that natural motion. So the next one I’m just gonna show you is a swelling in general wrap. So just for wrapping your ankle when it’s swollen and you want to work the swelling out, you still want to get that foot kind of in a neutral position, coming up this way that 90 degrees, or we call it zero neutral for dorsiflexion, but the going out isn’t quite as important. So this time, still rolling it out this way, not this way. I’m gonna anchor it down by the toes. So this is gonna be a pretty firm pull, but you still want to be.

Able to get your finger underneath so it doesn’t cut off the circulation to your toes. And then you’re gonna wrap just about half way over each layer. And then your gonna warp, and again I kind of don’t go all the way around the heel. I’ll come up and then you’re doing a little bit less pressure. Coming all the way up, and then you can actually go back down after that. And so it’s almost like a figure 8. So then you’re crossing over the places that you did before. But getting tighter as you go all the way through. And so with.

This one, once you get to the end here, you probably wouldn’t have a shoe on cause of the swelling, so you can use these. But I would still maybe use some tape instead of these since it’s right on top. And so as you can see, it’s still pretty smooth there, but that’s gonna work that fluid out of your leg. So there you have it. If you have any questions, leave them in the comments section. If you’d like to check out some other tutorials, go to Askdoctorjo Don’t forget to Like and Subscribe to us. And remember, be safe don’t poke yourself,.

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