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Ankle Sprain Cast Boot

Chis Courtney Hi how are you I’m Chris Courtney Nice to meet you. Cameraman We’re all going to kind of team up on you. Courtney Okay yeah, that’s fine. Chis Okay, just have a seat right here. Okay we will take those crutches from you. Now when did you hurt the ankle on the foot Courtney I hurt them both Thursday night. Chis Both Thursday night, so almost a week ago tomorrow will be a week. What happened Courtney I was going downstairs and I was wearing heels and I missed a step and I rolled my right ankle, and to stop myself from falling.

Forward I grabbed the rail and then rolled the left. Chis Okay let’s go ahead and take the boot off and the shoe off and let’s take a look. Did it swell up pretty good Courtney The right one did. It’s kind of stupid I didn’t realize I hurt the left and kept comparing my two ankles trying to see if this one was swollen in comparison to that one and so I knew it was bad because they were both the same size. Chis Okay. Lets go ahead and stand up for.

A second I just want to see if you can just put standing or any weight on the ankle. Courtney Okay. I’m up. Baby steps. Chis Pain scale zero to ten when doing that Courtney Five. Chis Okay walk backwards for me. Okay. More painful there Courtney Yeah Chris Pain scale zero to ten with that Courtney Um like a seven on the left. Chris Seven on the left, okay what about the right Courtney Six. Chris Okay, let’s go ahead and get you back over here to this table. You don’t feel like you really got much better in the weeks time.

Ankle Sprain Treatment Airrosti Therapy

Courtney No, just the swelling has gone down. Chis Okay. All right, so what we’re going to do is some treatment now and Dr. Garret and Dr. Black’s going to take part of that. Courtney Okay. This is kind of disturbing though. I’ve been like if I was sat on the couch and I wanted to get up and go to the kitchen I’d have to put both boots on, so I’m really excited right now. Doctor Okay go up on one leg. How does that feel Courtney Just a little in the front. But.

I mean I’m standing on my toes, that’s pretty impressive. Doctor Excellent. Don’t believe you will need a brace anymore. Definitely not that boot. Courtney Whoa, oh my gosh this is amazing. I mean, I barely feel anything. Chris Really what we are trying to do is educate people about you know you spent five hundred dollars and you left there the same as when you came in, you had no improvement. A week later you are still struggling with the pain and the issues. Now how long have you been in this office.

Courtney About an hour. Chis About an hour, and how much would you say your improvement is right now Courtney I mean I can move, I can walk, and it’s like I didn’t sprain both ankles pretty much. Chis Okay all right. Courtney That’s pretty phenomenal. Chis Absolutely. Courtney Hi, I’m Courtney. When I came into Airrosti an hour ago I had crutches, a boot and an air cast an hour later I can throw these all away because I can walk now. Not only can I walk they made me jump on my toes.

And I’m fine. It barely hurts at all. Cameraman And show us that. Courtney See I can walk, I’m walking. Cameraman And go up on your toes, show us that. Courtney On my toes, I can balance. Not that I had much balance before. Cameraman Very cool. Courtney Hi this is Courtney again. I got treated by Airrosti six or seven months ago. I had a double ankle sprain and I went in for one appointment and never had to go back. As you can see my ankles aren’t swollen or bruised or have any pain. I’m doing great.

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