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Hi Everyone! It’s Katie! I hope having a wonderful day. Today I am beginning a new series, and it will be ongoing, and that is an exercise, workout, ballet, barre, strengthening, everything type series. This is something you’ve all been asking for, so I’m thrilled to be able to share it with you, and I really hope it helps. So today’s tutorial is fee and pointe work strengthening. I know all of you are preparing for your summer courses and are panicked to get in shape. I know. I had been there, trust me!.

So I really hope that this works for you. But I do need your input. After you watch this tutorial, let me know if you like the format because I’m considering one of two options. The first option is as the tutorial is, where I sit down and show you all the exercises and how to do them in a voiceover. And then you just go and do them on your own time. The second option is as if you were doing a workout DVD. So you play the tutorial, I sit down with you in real time, and.

You follow along with me and come back to it as a workout each and every time. So just let me know which one you like. Again, this is about making this work for you, and I hope you enjoy. The first thing you want to do is to release the muscles in your feet. Like any other muscle you’ll be able to tone and strengthen the more if they are looser. So roll out your feet with a little ball mine’s from a pet store. Make sure you get your arch, under your metatarsals and even at the base of.

Feet Pointe Strengthening Exercises Kathryn Morgan

Your heel to release your Achilles. You will need a theraband for the next set of exercises. Place the theraband around your toes and simply point and flex your feet ten times. Really roll through the balls your feet to strengthen your metatarsals. Keeping the foot pointed, lift the toes ten times. Bending your knee, keeping the theraband where it is, just bend the ankle, leaving the toes flexed upward 15 times. Now repeat the same motion with the toes curled. Keeping the knee bent, roll through the foot. Again, try and only move from the ankle.

Repeat this ten times. Now reverse the motion, scooping down out, and up. Keeping the theraband over the toes, straighten the knee and lean forward to stretch the foot. You’ll need some equipment for the next few exercises but I’ll provide Amazon links below. Standing on a balance disc on one foot, find your balance for 30 to 60 seconds. This will really give your ankle stability so during long Adagios, you won’t wobble around. If you don’t have this balance disc, you can use yoga mat with a folded up towel.

While not quite as challenging, it will still give you the same benefits. Next with a rockboard, stand in the middle on one leg and just find your balance. Then start to rock back and forth from the ball of the foot to heel. This will really give you calf strength as well as ankle strength for pointe work and jumps. Now stand turned out and the rockboard. These exercises you can do as much as you like so there’s no set reps. Begin with one leg in coup and pli. Hold the pli for a second and then just.

Keep bending and straightening. Bring the foot to the front in coup and do the same. Then alternate back coup and change to the front. This is building strength and stability through balance. Now petit battement with a straight standing leg and then hold a pli. Now straighten the bottom leg and just turn in and turn out the working leg. You really want to have supporting leg be very very still. The free leg should be moving entirely on it’s own. Now for the tricky part. Balance on halftoe right in the center of the rockboard.

Just hold as long as you can with correct form. This might be selfexplanatory but make sure you do every exercise on both legs. And now for some pointe work. I would do each exercises eight times. Beginning in first position, just pli and relev. While this is very simple make sure your rolling through your feet every single bone because that is going to build the strength for pointe work. Now relev with straight legs. Make sure you’re really rolling through the whole foot. Try not to cheat! Adjust a bit and now you’re just going to relev with the toes.

Down to the metatarsal and back up. And now for a classic pli, roll up through the feet, straighten the knees and roll down. Repeat this, as every other exercise eight times, and then reverse it roll up on straight legs pli over your shoes, and then really roll through your feet coming down. Now repeat just the pli relev and the straightleg relev on both feet. 8 times. I know it’s hard but try not to cheat by using your arms. The more you do this exercise correctly, the faster you improve.

Standing 5th position, now wrap your foot around the ankle like sur le coudepied. But really lead with the little toes back. This is going to train your foot to come off the floor correctly every single time. Make sure when you’re doing this exercise that you don’t pronate when you put the foot back down the floor. As you can see my fifth isn’t exactly perfect, but I’m not rolling on that front foot. To train your feet to be in a beautiful shape, tendu front and lean over the foot like a stretch. Come back to tendu and repeat,.

And dgag your foot off the floor, and see if you can hold that position. This exercise is about muscle memory. The more your feet remember these beautiful shapes, the more they will do them automatically. Repeat this exercise side and back. And when doing the back, make sure your heel stays down. For another muscle memory exercise, tendu front and only come halfway back to fifth. Repeat this about 8 times front, side, and back. Again this is about training your foot to always come in and go out beautifully.

And now for my favorite foot stretch that you can do every day cross one foot over the other. Put all your weight on the toe. This completely stretches the arch as well as the shin. So there you have it! Those are all my favorite exercises to do for pointe work and my feet. So I really hope this helps you out. Again, I do need your input. If you liked this option with a voiceover or if you’d rather have it in workout style where sit down with me and follow along, please let me know in the.

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