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Ankle Pain Kidney

An important general point for any back and rear leg problems, is bladder 23. It’s found along the spine. What you do is search for your last rib, and where you can feel that last rib. Go up. Find the spine, and you’ll feel points sticking up, and then hollows. Count to the second hollow, and Coco is going to lie down for this one, because it’s one of her favorites. Now, you don’t want to go into the hollow. You actually want to go on either side of it, and as you run your fingers up and down on either side, you’ll feel them.

Sort of sink into this valley. Straight up and down pressure on both sides. You can use one hand with two fingers like I’m doing, or you can use one finger from each hand, to do the same. You put that pressure there, just a steady pressure, or you can do a rocking motion, just back and forth, and back and forth, and that’s one that she objects to, and this will happen sometimes with your animal, that they will object to a point. That’s telling you that it’s a little too uncomfortable, so what you then want to do, is move to another.

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