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Ankle Mobilization Exercises

Intro music Improving Ankle Mobility Dorsiflexion exercises Calf Smash Lacrosse Ball Place the ball on the floor and just pop your leg on top first of all just get a bit of a gauge of how youre feeling today so whether anything is tight or tender once you start to get a bit more comfortable gently press into the ball move and your leg side to side back and forth getting a bit of stretch to the tissues find restrictions work on them, three minutes per calf. Plantar Flexor and Soleus stretch Now the important thing with this stretch.

Is you’re trying to get the underside of the foot as well so really do make sure those toes are pressing up against the wall and keep the heel down and just keep working that knee towards the wall getting a stretch through the foot and through the calf ninety seconds per side. PVC Ankle Dorsiflexion Take a PVC pipe dowel or something similar and place on the outside of your foot so in line with your little toe and youre going to lunge forward bringing your knee to the outside of it what your aiming for is to keep the heel on the ground and as you improve.

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