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Ankle Jump Rope

Kids react to toys! This episode SkipIt! Finebros For this one, you are not reacting to a tutorial. Oh god. Oh no. Finebros You’re reacting to this. What is it I have no idea what it is. Looks like a bubble maker. Is it one of those things that you throw in the bottom of the pool and then you go pick it up Oh, these things Oh, it’s one of those. Oh god, I suck at these. I know how to use these. I forgot what it was called, but I know what you do with it.

SkipIt Finebros Yes! I’ve wanted one. This looks like one of those ’50s toys. Question time! Finebros Well, what is it I have no idea. Is it like the Spanish ball in a cup thing It looks like a jump rope that you stick around your ankle. It’s a jump rope. You see it on this piece. You put it on your foot and try to jump over this ball. Finebros And why do you know what that is They had them at my school for a while. Because my sister has one of these.

When I was little, my mom got me one. My friend, Gabe, used to have one, but then he gave it away. Finebros So that toy is actually something that was around when we were kids. Oh, so you keep this for a long time I didn’t know it was that old. How do you like pink Come on! Finebros We have a sister. Easy enough. That explains this, ’cause this doesn’t look like the ones I saw on TV. They made them newer and they light up.


Finebros It was called a SkipIt. What the heck is a SkipIt Show me what you use it for. Finebros We actually have a commercial from our childhood advertising the SkipIt. Oh no. Terrible ’90s advertising with their WOW! Is it that whole thing Hey now, kids, come gather ’round. See what’s Oh, it’s kind of like jump rope! SkipIt, SkipIt Look at the clothes. SkipIt, SkipIt. Askippin’, and ascreaming, and a bop shoo bop. But the very best thing of all, there’s a counter on this ball Oh my god. It has a counter.

Where’s.it has the counter! You could jump a whole lot more! This is horrible. SkipIt, SkipIt. Come on, everybody! SkipIt! Come on, everybody! Let’s SkipIt! From Tiger Toys! That was funny. Is Tiger Toys even around anymore Full House. That’s what the song sounds like. Hey, kids! Come buy this! Go tell your parents right now! Finebros If you saw that commercial on TV, would you be asking your parents to get you one of these No. No. No. It looked fun, it’s just I don’t think I’ll ever get good at it.

Yes. Yes. Just to do that commercial. It was really funny, and it made me want to get it. The song’s catchy, and the people that were doing it made it look fun. Maybe. I don’t know. Finebros Why.is not the commercial that Because there was no boys in the commercial. Finebros Do you want to try the SkipIt Hmm.do I have to Yes, I do! Let’s do this. This is gonna be an epic fail! I can’t even get my foot in there. That’s how good at it I am.

Atwo, and athree! Hey now, kids, come gather round. Uh. See what just skipped into town. So skip it, skip. You want to jump to the top. Skip it, skip it, Skippin’ and a screamin’ How do you do this The very best thing of all screaming There’s a counter on this ball How do you even start this thing A little too high. Oh, geeze. Okay. Ow! Okay, I’m done. laughing How do you even do it I just cannot do it!.

Groaning Try to beat your very best score. Oh, Jesus! I got it. Oh god. Oh. Christ on a bike, that was hard. Ugh! One, two, three, four. This is tiring. Okay, I’m tired. Whoo! I’m sweating. I don’t like to sweat. Finebros Oop! You did one. giggling Finebros Yes! Oh god. I actually would love to have this. Skip it, skip it! You want to jump to the top. Skip it Ow! I threw it. Nine. The very best thing of all,.

There’s a counter on this on this ball Finebros You’re doing it! Get it! Get it! Whoop. singing Skip it, skip it. Skipping, skip, skip it. Skip it, skip it, skip it, skip it, skip. Finebros So was that difficult No. ‘Cause I’ve done it before. Yes. Extremely difficult! This is kinda heavy. You should at least have some teacher to help you a bit. Like instructions. I don’t even have instructions! You look at this and you go, Yeah, looks easy. It’s not! It’s not Skip It, it’s Trip It!.

Finebros Is it fun No. It’s really stressful. Fun! humming Yes. I actually wanna do this again. It’s probably fun once you master it. Yeah, ’cause it challenges you to actually try to figure out how it works. The really hard things for me, that take me a while to get good at, are the most fun. Finebros Do you play with any toys that are like this today Nah. I don’t really play with toys anymore. One day I was just like, Why am I doing this No.

A hula hoop! Pogo stick I do a lot of jump rope. I have a jump rope. Jump roping. Finebros What would you say is the toys you play with most iPads, computers, XBoxes. My phone. A jump rope, a basketball. I watch my cousin play Minecraft a lot. I’m either on roller blades or a scooter. Or I’m inside playing games. I had this one tball thing. You’d hit it, and then it’d just kinda come back to you. But now.just technology and stuff. Finebros When kids are playing today, would you say it’s more with toys.

Like SkipIt, or devices like iPhones and iPads Well, I think it’s right in the middle. It depends on the kid. I liked to play outside, but at the same time I also liked to be on the computer a lot. Most of time time, it’s just iPads and stuff. I know a three year old who knew how to use an iPad before he knew how to ride a bike. They’ll ask you, How was your summer Well, what did you do They’ll usually be like, Oh yeah, I played Minecraft.

We played Flappy Bird a lot. Then I’m like, Same here. It’s all about the iPhones and the iPad. It’s not really about this anymore, which is kind of sad. ‘Cause now kids aren’t really getting that much exercise. Back in the ’80s, it was a workout to have a toy. And now technology has made everything easy. Finebros And finally, now that you’ve played with it, do you want a Skip It of your own Mmm, no. Yes. Yes. Yes! Yes. Yeah. Sure. Not really. It’s difficult! Actually, yeah. I’m going to Target later.

I’m gonna go get one. I think I would. In this color. Yes. If it comes in yellow. I would enjoy having one. Can I take this one Finebros No. Okay. Thanks for watching this episode of Kids React! If you want to watch us play more with the SkipIt, go watch the React Channel. Why don’t you subscribe to the channel Wowee, wouldn’t that be great! singing And the very best thing of all is React is every week. So don’t skip it, skip it. Skip it, skip it, skip it. Skip it!.

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