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Ankle Inversion Injury Images

Ankle Sprain Treatment Oakland Chiropractor Ankle Pain Sports Injury Treatment

Hi, i’m Sandy baird, owner of riverstone chiropractic here in oakland california.We’re going to be talking about ankle sprains today.So a lot of people will come into our office and they are actually very surprised that there’s anything that can be done to help them recover from their ankle sprain.The old adage used to be, if you sprain your ankle, roll your ankle, you put some ice on it, you elevate it on a bed, and wait for it to heal up.But there’s actually a lot you can do about an ankle sprain.So let’s look at the anatomy of the.

Ankle and get a picture of what’s happening when you twist your ankle.The most common type of ankle sprain is an inversion sprain, and that’s when the bottom of the foot rolls inward in relation to the lower leg when this happens, the ligaments on the lateral side of the ankle become damaged.Those ligaments, there’s three of them, there’s the anterior and posterior talofibular ligament, and there’s the calcaneofibular ligament.So we’ll look at a picture of this anatomy, it basically means ligaments connecting the bones in the foot.

To the bone in the lower leg, the fibula, that’s on the outside of the leg.Ankle sprains are graded on a scale of 13, so a grade 1 ankle sprain would be a mild ankle sprain, you just tear a couple of fibers in one of the ligaments, grade 2 i s a moderate sprain, a partial tear of a ligament, and grade 3 is a very severe ankle sprain.You typically will require surgery or at least need to be evaluated for surgery.But grade 1 and 2 ankle sprains can be managed by chiropractic care.

Did you know that the number one cause of ankle sprains is actually history of a previous ankle sprain! other causes of ankle sprains include jumping and landing funny, tripping over some rocks or roots when you’re doing train running, slipping , falling off a curb, and any other strange sports injuries, you can twist your ankle falling off a bicycle.So there’s a few things we need to do if you sprain your ankle.We need to check whether the talus or the calcaneus has become fixated, oftentimes the muscles along the outside of the.

Leg, the peroneal muscles, they will actually pull a bone into what’s called subluxation.That’s basically pulling the bone into a position not supposed to be an and it actually gets fixed in a position it’s not supposed to be in, it becomes fixated, and adhesions form right around the joint, so all of a sudden the bones in the foot do not move as well.There’s 26 bones in the foot, and the ones that are most commonly involved with the ankle sprain are going to be the talus and the calcaneus,.

But there could be subluxation of any of the bones.So a chiropractor needs to check everything, adjust what needs to be adjusted.The next thing is soft tissue work, so anytime the peroneal muscles are overworked or overused, they are going to develop these adhesions.This happens with an ankle sprain, this happens with overuse, really any overworking condition.You need to reduce the adhesions, you can either do that with active release techniques, with graston technique, there are some other techniques that will do this, but you have to get the adhesions out.

Ice, stretching, it’s not going to reduce the adhesion.You really need to go and get the physical adhesion out of there.The next thing is to get the swelling out.Like i said before, we used to just ice and elevate, and let the swelling drain out that way, but there are actually some things we can do that are quicker and more effective.There’s a protocol for kinesiotaping where it’s actually taping for lymph drainage, it’s basically getting the fluid out of the ankle, ad area.Nd getting it to go back up into the leg,.

Which returns it to the lymph channels which get the fluid out of the inflamed area.Once we’ve addressed those things, and the ankle has become more stable, we can start some rehabilitation exercises, it’s going to be mostly focusing on the peroneal muscles, the ones that have actually become overworked, get those strong by using either bands or light weight so we’ll be addressing the peroneal muscles, and addressing the deep calf muscles, and anything else that has become weak or overworked in this ankle sprain.So a lot of times there are contributing factors, there actually could be a.

Ankle Sprain Injury Explained

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Ankle Sprain Treatment Oakland Chiropractor Ankle Pain Sports Injury Treatment

Ankle sprain treatment oakland chiropractor ankle pain sports injury treatment,Ankle sprain treatment by oakland chiropractor dr sandy baird riverstone chiropractic sports chiropractor describes the types of ankle sprains the causes of. Kt tape ankle sprains,Check out the new version wdiedf ankle sprain is an injury of ligaments usually on the outside of the ankle severity is evaluated if the. How to treat a sprained ankle,How to treat a sprained ankle sprained ankle ankle swollen ankles sprain ankle pain ankle sprain broken ankle ankle pain relief ankle ligaments high ankle.

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Top 3 Exercises For Ankle Sprain

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