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Ankle Injuries Fujiya Miyagi

Highstakes we’re gonna have a phenomenal such as the longer we nominal week egg in a day demand disembodied look at that we elected this guy’s present will get all most remembered her usual war seeking ways diminish breakdown opposition since this was about this but my side is one that’s right they sure don’t care about finding two hundred billion dollars to fight illegal war in iraq where they get back on the the right wing picked it up and i did apology the possibility of a challenge would have wanted.

So that it was just about what you have all of this abolished bible irene income news insignificant very prudent we don’t do a strong were democrats we do dont think democrats have forgotten what it’s like to be in control they get more out of the president’s peter because he’s a giant egomaniac he can admit that he’s wrong so for his ego and all of your political careers in his political career and happy pigs history will judge him these were left below all wire sons and daughters correct dot.

Superlative web support it’s on board basis and there are about popup book oklahoma bush administration claims iraq war closest one point seven billion dollars you know the words of the cost for them to congressional budget office ideally is a one point seven about part two point four uh. what’s two point four pt trillion dollars hi harry reid nancy pelosi among those democrats were elected to do something about the war for dog it’s been a long time sister detail of somebody that’s and massive military movement moving from the turkish site towards iraqi border.

This Weeks Highlights My FKin Ankle!!!

In that area fullscale image what you have to be stupid to say that seventysome percent of people in america want the war over winter sick and tired and they want our troops to come home this scenario senator planned a senator hand uh. the instead it was over yeah depicted rev up the calypso are in the world that ten most dangerous american organizations archaeologists media matters universities and colleges god this solution but on the right wing army it’s also called sleazy compliant wilson as much cheaper opponents unannounced center.

In tiny him back the environment contingencies pollution laws pocket fact it before it everything well you like sex foxtons nothing has some poor young men devoted to hop on the paris hilton they are knows a little cricket and i just know that uh. you know she’s latest are sitting around uh. huh but is this a worksheet to a to overturn huh i fuck called if the baltimore is by far the lives of people sit around for our stratified someone distract of whether the support of families you’ve been awful fact this year.

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