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Ankle Exercises For Hockey

Here we have plate ankle chops, so we are it bringing all the way down to our ankle and then back up to our shoulder. It is twentyfive pounds, you can go up to fortyfive pounds, also you go down to ten and five pounds, or you can even use a medicine ball, if you would like, if you are just getting started. We are just going to go down the ankle, knees are bent, head is up, back is flat, we are not turning like this, keeping our legs straight and bending at our back.

Our knees are bent and we are bending at our waist. Bend with the hips, down the ankle back up to the shoulder, just above the shoulder. You can start of going nice and slow under control and then ultimately you want to work to be more explosive, but you want to stay tight throughout the entire movement. We are exploding up and back down, so in each direction you have to tight in those abs and tightening that core, to pause and hold and then go and change directions going other way.

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