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Ankle Brace For Torn Achilles Tendon

My pain was the back of my ankle. The pain was so great. It was preventing me for a long time from long distance walking. But, it really became very irritating because, just to get out of my car to go to my office became difficult. So I just remembered the wonderful experience that I had here at American Foot and Leg Specialists, and decided to come back. I called to make an appointment, which they were very kind and got me in right away. I went to the Stockbridge location. And, I saw Dr. Loren. And what he diagnosed me with was a partial tear to my.

Achilles tendon. And he suggested for my treatment and procedure that they do, he said it’s called PRP, where they take my actual blood and inject it, and the body allows it to heal itself with that process. Since I had that procedure done I am 95 better. The first week I would say I was about 50 better. I did have to wear a boot for a little while. I’m actually in a foot brace now, and he wants me to wear this and see him in about a month. So, I’m.

Just really following the doctor’s orders and making sure that I do all that he asks of me so that I can heal properly. But I’m not completely healed, so I’m thinking after about a month I should be 100. I mean, I’m walking. I don’t have to wear a boot at this point in time. My pain level is very low. It’s none, literally none. And my experience with American Foot and Leg Specialists is amazing. The staff is wonderful, kind, caring. Dr. Loren is even caring. He called me the day of the surgery to ask me how I was doing.

How I Healed My Achilles Tendon With PRP Therapy, Not Surgery

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