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What Is A Medial Ankle Sprain

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Ankle Sprains Part 2 Symptoms Evaluation

(upbeat music) The most common causes of ankle sprains are typically injuries with athletes and people who are walking on uneven surfaces. The most common ankles sprain that people see is often one where the ankle rolls inwards.

And it causes a tearing or stretching of the ligaments on the outside of the ankle. Ankle sprains could be classified in two ways. The first is a lateral ankle sprain. Which is the most common ankle sprain. And there are typically three grades to those.

A grade i is just a mild ligament injury to the main ligament of the ankle, called the anterior talofibular ligament. The Grade II is typically a tearing or stretching of that ligament plus another injury to a ligament called the calcaneofibular ligament.

And then the grade iii sprain is typically when there’s severe tearing to the lateral ankle structures where all three of the main ligaments to the ankle on the outside of the joint are affected. The second type of injury is called a high ankle sprain. And that’s typically when an injury occurs.

To the ankle where the foot will turn outward. And the ligaments are damaged that connect the two bones of the leg called the tibia and the fibula together. And those ligaments can either stretch or tear. And that can be somewhat of a more debilitating injury than your typical lateral ankle sprain.

And if those ligaments get torn those two bones will piston and separate when you walk. And that can cause a significant injury to the point where it can need surgical correction. Ankle sprains and the symptoms associated with them are often very very similar.

You can see a grade i ankle sprain which will often appear with some swelling on the outside of the ankle. And obviously some bruising there. The bruising can even extend to the toes and even up in the leg and calf.

Depending on how much force the injury was sustained upon. A stage two injury where there’s some tearing of the ligaments can lead to the point where you have swelling which almost looks like a golf ball or a grapefruit on the outside of the ankle. And obviously that bruising will cause.

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