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Sprained Ankle Zumba

I treat a lot of patients who participate in zumba and other dance type classes and we’re starting to see a primary problem in in a number of these patients which is simply foot pain and knee pain due to that foot rolling in too much and pronating too much the reason for this is that many of these people wearing.

Dance shoes and many these dance shoes are really unstable but the reason they want to wear dance shoes is because the dance shoe is smooth under the ball the foot and these are sports or activities that require pivoting so you actually want something that has very little friction so you can pivot.

And not put excessive stress on your ankles your knees or your hip so unfortunately though it’s really difficult to try and find a dance shoe that provides the stability we need to stop that foot from rolling in too much so a solution that we’ve come up with that has worked very very well is to have these patients go get a standard crosstraining type of athletic.

Shoe now, we want a shoe that’s fairly firm on the heel and doesn’t twist too easily. If you go to our website do a search for our recommended shoes you can print up a list of the shoes we recommend including good cross training shoes but if you tryin use a cross training shoe.

As it is in a zumba class the problem is there can be too much catch under here and you go to pivot and you’re unable to do so and that again that can cause problems with your knees, your ankles and your hips so what we’ve been doing lately is number one having the patient get a good stable crosstraining type of shoe we put a good either prefabricated or.

Custom orthotic in the shoe in then i write a perscription to have the patient take the shoe to a shoe repair shop and have a lowfriction dance sole added to the front of the shoe so that gives them the advantage of having the lowfriction under here like a dance shoe but the support they need back here to prevent those problems, again, in the ankles the hips and knees.

And in the foot itself just from it collapsing too much. so if you are a Zumba participant and you’re having any type of foot or ankle or leg or knee problem make it a point to see us if you’re in the area. If you’re not, find a podiatrist in your area that specializes in orthotics and biomechanics. themes.

Yoga For Lower Back Pain

Hey everyone. welcome to yoga with adrian. i am adrian. and today we have a sequence for the lower back. This is something that you requested and I think it’s awesome and really dear to me because I very much believe in the healing power of yoga practice, keyword, practice. So I encourage you invite you to try this tutorial more than once. And embrace the repetition. You might favor the tutorial or click the ad to tab below so you can find it more easily. But this is something that I think if you practice regularly, will.

Really provide you some yummy benefits, and hopefully get you living pain free, in the back. So let’s check it out. Shall we? Hop on the map and let’s learn yoga for lower back pain. Alright my friends, we’re going to start flat on our backs today. Using the support of the Earth to tend to the lower back. I just love all poses on the back because it reminds me that we are supported. So, if you want to go there with me. If you want to go oh.

Nevermind, can’t sing that explicit lyrics. if you want to go there with me you can just kind of take a deep breath in and already just feel relief from the idea that we are supported by the mat, by the Earth, by this moment. Feel like a little bit of consciousness goes a long way. So, take a deep breath in. Long exhale out. Then slowly we’re going to wrap the arms around the shins. Might interlace the fingertips here. And nice and slow, let the knees come.

In towards the heart. so if the lower back is already starting to talk to you, you have a couple options. Palms can come to the knees. This is great. Or again, we can interlace. Now rather than hardcore squeezing, just breathe here, relax the shoulders down. Let the weight of the elbows drop. And we have two options. We’re gonna rock a little side to side, just kind of massaging the lower back. Not squeezing like I do normally in Hatha yoga, but just kind of letting the space be. So I have an option here, or I have the option to draw.

Circles with the palms. so just take a second here on your own, because everyone’s different so hard to do yoga for this and yoga for that, because everyone’s different everyones’s experiencing different sensations. So just try to honor that and I’ll encourage you to listen to your body, be gentle, and of course, modify up, modify down as needed. So what we’re doing is drawing circles with the palms on the knees one way and in the other. Or, we’re fingertips interlaced, going left to right. Might even linger on one side.

If that feels good. and then close your eyes. look away from the tutorial, and just take a second to feel both these things out. To check in with the lower back. Make sure you’re breathing deep. Awesome. Then when you feel satisfied, slowly overlace the soles of the feet to the mat. And we’ll inhale, reach the fingertips all the way up and overhead. Nice and easy. We’re gonna just rock the pelvis here. So, I’m gonna rock the pelvis so that the lower back becomes kind.

Of a rainbow over my mat. if i wanted i could slip my hand underneath, there. and then i’m just gonna rock the pelvis here. Get sassy. So nice and easy we can bend the elbows as I tuck the pelvis. And then exhale, tailbone down. Navel stretches long, belly stretches long. And then we switch. Doesn’t even matter what you’re inhaling on and what you’re exhaling on. Just breathe deep. And I’m sure this is gonna look great on the tutorial. But we’re just kind of coming.

Into, almost a little sensual pelvic rock here. but it’s awesome because we’re massaging the top of the buttocks here. And we’re just loosening up, finding a little soothing movement for that lower back. Staying grounded to the soles of the feet. Just do a couple more, stretching the belly long, as the lower back lifts up. And then maybe drawing the navel down as we lenghten into the tailbone, lower back flush with the mat. Do a couple more on your own. Like a baby bridge, baby setu bandhasana experience. Cool.

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