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Sprained Ankle Severe Pain

We are going to talk today about ankle pain and this is actually because three times this morning, I had patients come in who had sprained their ankle many months ago and were still having pain in this area of their ankle right here. This is actually really common problem. What happens is when you sprain your ankle you turn it like this and when that occurs, you end up tearing or stretching or ripping the ligaments in this area. Look at this picture now and you can see these are the ligaments right here. So, these are the ligaments that.

Actually should give most of the stability to your ankle. when you sprain your ankle, about half of patients end up with an unstable ankle afterwards. It is usually because these ligaments do not heal properly after the injury. The nice thing is there has been research now that shows that even many months or even years after the injury the patients are coming in that are still having pain and inflammation in this area can have be rehabbed actually quite easily. What we first need to do is to stabilize the ankle for a number of weeks.

With an ankle brace. after that, we get them started on doing daily balance exercises and we do not have time to go into that now but there are some very specific rules about how to best do those exercises. You do those for at least 30 days straight while wearing that ankle brace pretty much every single day and every moment that youre bearing weight. After that, we normally will see the patients back. We will do some tests to check their balance and if everything is going well, we can tell them at that point they can take.

Off the ankle brace for daytoday activity but they want to continue wearing it for exercise activities. Eventually what they want to work up to is doing balance exercises on a wobble board. We are not here today trying to give you detailed information how to do this. There are actually is detailed information on our website, just go to the website and do a search for unstable ankle, you find details on both how to best treat this problem on your own and when you should be seen a podiatrist about the problem. Again, just check out the website.

Ankle Pain How To Get Rid

Hi welcome to another tutorial. in this tutorial im going to share with you with you two question from two viewer about ankle pain, the first viewer hurt his ankle while making a five foot jump on his skateboard, hit on the floor and hurt his ankle three months ago and now he is pain from this pain while trying to do another stunt and the second viewer said that the problem came with age. Lets just take a look at what else can cause ankle pain. Ankle pain can be caused.

By a sudden twist of the ankle while doing sports like running, playing basketball or walking on uneven surface, also it could be causing from heel pain and last but not least I think also caused by being over weight and your posture and how you hold your body because your ankle holds pretty much your whole body weight. Lets go me show you how to work on two ligaments in this tutorial. Ok Im going to sit on the sofa to work on this. One leg up and show you how to work.

On the ankle. first we are going to work on the anterior talofibular ligament right down here, this part here and also the calcaneofibular ligament right here, right underneath this bone here. So we have anterior talofibular ligament and the calcaneofibular ligament right down here. Ok lets zoom in to the leg right here. I want to show you two techniques, to break it down and also put pressure on it. So Im going to use the index finger. Ankle right.

Here rub it down this way in the area, sometimes its hard to find the area because its a tiny area. You can move, do a circle on your ankle to get into the area. Ok! once you find that area start rubbing on it, you can use oil, lotion or without anything. The tendon is this way so you rub against the fiber to break down all the tightness in there. If you have scar tissue you need to complete break it so that it will not reoccur again. Next is also use your index finger find the pain and turn your leg around like this. Move.

Around and once you find the spot, stretch your foot forward and backwards, forward and backwards and as the tightness loosen up try to stretch a little bit extra and come back a little bit more and back, Thats to work on anterior talofibular ligament up here and same thing down here, look for the calcaneofibular ligament right here and this ligament goes down this way. Move you ankle around until you find the tightness and rub on it this way. So what you do is.

Rub against this way or this way like such. find the spot and rub on it, or put your finger on the pain area and turn ok once you find the spot. Then press on it, move a little bit come back press come back. As the area loosen up you can add a little bit more stretch, push it to the back and loosen up that way. To finish up use your pad of the hand to rub the area to warm it up like such or rub, rub, rub it like this or like this with your hands and thats it!.

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