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Sprained Ankle Physical Therapy Exercises

Hey everybody, it’s jo, and today i’m gonna show you some stretches and exercises for a lateral ankle sprain. Let’s get started. The first thing you’re gonna do is stretch out your calf muscle. So you can take a strap. You can use a dog leash. You can use a belt, or you can use a large towel. Whatever you have handy. But what you want to do is make sure and wrap it around the ball of your foot. You don’t want it on your toes, and you don’t.

Want it down in the arch of your foot because you don’t want it coming back and smacking you, but you want to get a nice stretch. So just wrap it around the ball of the foot there. Relax your foot, don’t try and actively move it, and just pull with the strap towards you until you feel a nice stretch in the back calf area right there. And hold that stretch for about 30 seconds. Relax. And do that 3 times. So just get that nice stretch in there. After you stretch it out a little bit, then grab a resistive band and if you want to,.

Grab a foam roller so you can prop your foot up. if you don’t have a roller, that’s fine. You can wrap up a big towel, but you want to have it so your heel is hanging off so you can have some good movement in your ankle. Again, make sure that you put the band around the ball of your foot because you don’t want it coming back and smacking you in the face. But you want to be able to get some good movement in there. Just wrapping around there and then slowly. See how it rolls off a little bit. Happens to everybody. Slowly push down, and.

Then slowly come back up. so really trying to control this movement. and if you feel like your ankle’s doing like this, which it might if you have that sprain, then take off some of the resistance cause you want to be able to control that foot coming down and then coming back up. And try and get that full motion if you can. Now if this is painful, then don’t use the band and just do the motion cause your ankle might not be ready for the resistive band yet. So just start off with about 10 of those, if those are easy then.

You can work your way up from there. so now, put a little knot in the band so you have a loop. Make sure it’s tight so it doesn’t pop out on you. This time, you’re gonna use your other foot kind of as an anchor. Put it underneath and prop your other one up and over. Now you’re gonna do an inversion movement coming this way, so you want the knot to be on the opposite side. So I’m gonna put it here, and I’m gonna wrap that band around the other foot as an anchor and then pull in towards me. Now try and keep your whole.

Leg still. you don’t want to be doing this, but you really want that movement at the ankle. Now you can also have somebody bold on to the band, but if your by yourself for a little bit and you want to do those exercises, that’s how you do it. You anchor it around that way. Now to get the eversion, you change the placement of the knot to the inside cause now you’re gonna do the eversion that way. And then anchor it around the other foot like that. And then come out and back in. Again try and keep the top part of the leg fairly straight. It’s.

Not this. but getting that movement at the ankle. alright, the next exercises are gonna be standing up. Now I’m gonna do a standing calf stretch. So bring the foot back that you want to stretch. Keep your foot facing forward, and keep your heel down. Make sure you have something nice and sturdy to hold on to like a chair or a counter top. Keep that heel down, and bend this knee forward until you feel a stretch in the back of the leg right there. Come forward, hold that stretch for about 30 seconds, come back and do 3 of.

Those. make sure that heel is down. if it comes up, you’re not gonna get that stretch. So make sure it’s down and get a nice big stretch there. Then you’re gonna come up. Put your feet about shoulder width apart, and you’re gonna do a heel raise. So just bring your heels up off the ground and slowly coming back down. Make sure you’ve got something sturdy to hold on to for balance, just in case you need it, but again make sure you’re coming down nice and slow. Working those muscles in both directions. Coming up and coming back.

Ankle Strengthening Exercises Stretches Ask Jo

Hey everybody, it’s jo. i’m going to show you some ankle strengthening exercises today. Now there have already been some ankle stretching exercises along with the plantar fasciitis tutorials. So you can go there and get some stretches for that. So it will stretch your ankle area which will be your calves, and your planar fascia, and there is also some strengthening in the shin splints tutorial. Which also gives you some stretching and strengthening. So this is just going to add in showing you some strengthening with the theraband. So let’s.

Get going with that. okay, so now i’m just going to show you a simple 4 way ankle exercise with the theraband. We’ve talked about the bands a little bit about how the colors are different resistance. I’m just going to show you with the yellow, which is the lightest, but if it’s very easy for you, you get to 2025 repetitions and it’s not hard, then you can bump up the resistance. What I usually do with the ankle, is I’ll prop something under the ankle because you want to have good movement. You don’t want your heel to be hitting.

The floor. because you are not going to get good movement in the ankle. so you can prop it up with a noodle if you have it, you can roll up a beach towel. Just kind of place it underneath where your Achilles tendon is, so you will have movement in your heel to get going. So I’ve put a little loop on the end of my band, and that’s just so I can place it around my foot, and get a good hold on it. Now you want the band to be at the ball of your foot. You don’t want it to be up on your toes, because it will probably slip off.

And hit your face, and you don’t don’t want it down at the bottom of your foot because you’re not going to get good resistance. So you want it to try and stay on the ball of your foot if possible. So the first one you want to give yourself some good resistance, and you’re just going to push forward as far as you can, and then slowly come back as far as you can. Now the key with this is, when you go down, and you come back, control it coming back. You don’t want the band to let it fly back, you want to control it going.

Back. so your just going to start off with 1015 times, and again, if that’s easy, and you get up to 2025 times, and it’s not hard, and your not feeling a little bit of burn, then you want to bump up your resistive band. So you’re just going to push down, and slowly come back. Now we want to get all four directions since it’s the 4 way ankle I was telling you about. Sometimes you just have nobody to hold onto the band for you. If you have somebody that wants to help you rehab your ankle, they can just go around in these directions, but.

You don’t always have that luxury when you’re trying to get your exercises in, somebody might not be there. So, to go out, what you are going to do is turn it on the inside. The knot is going to be on the inside, and you are going to wrap the band around your other foot. So it’s going to be a motion all the around, so now the resistance is this way, and you’re going to pull your ankle out. Now the key with this one is you don’t want to pull your whole leg out. You’re not exercising your leg, you’re exercising your ankle. So.

You’re really trying to just move that ankle out, and slowly come back in. so if you feel like you are doing this, hold your leg in place, so your leg doesn’t move. Pulling with your ankle out, and slowly coming back in. Same thing, 1015 times, if you get to 2025 and it’s easy, bump up that resistance. So the next way, we are going to go in. The way to do that if you don’t have any help or anyone to hold onto it. You are going to cross your foot over, and you are going to wrap it around this way. So now the knot is on the outside.

Of the foot. so now the resistance is coming from this direction, so now you are going to push your foot this way. So same thing, you are going to pull at your ankle and not at your leg. If you need more resistance, you can cross your leg more, and pull it out, and coming in. Now I came back just a little too fast. Remember you want to control it, you don’t want to let the band control you, you control the band. So your pulling in, and then slowly coming back out. Mine might be a little weak. It’s trying to fight it.

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