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Sprain Vs Fracture Of Ankle

You know at some point in time many of us are going to incur injuries to our lower extremities including the foot and ankle. Hi, I’m Captain Joe Bruni and what I’m going to discuss and go over is how to tell the difference between a sprain and a possible break in the ankle or foot region. Expose the foot and the ankle region by removing any foot covering and sock that may be in the area. If the area looks discolored or angulated or not in alignment, it very possibly may be a break of the ankle. Normally, with a sprain, there will be swelling.

And discoloration, but no deformity in the ankle or foot region. also, ask the person if they feel any numbness. Numbness is usually a sign of a break. Sprains are generally more painful than an actual break in this area. Apply some type of ice in the area to treat it for fifteen minute intervals, on and off, and a pressure bandage if it’s a sprain. With a break, normally the person will not be able to move the foot area or be able to stand on it. With a sprain, they may be able to apply slight pressure by trying to stand or.

Move the foot; although, it may be painful, it generally will not be broken if they are able to move it or put slight pressure on it. With a break, they will not be able to move it or stand on it at all. A sprain or a break is a pretty painful experience and both may require a trip to the emergency department for xray and further evaluation, but with proper treatment, pain and swelling can be alleviated until the patient arrives at the emergency department. I’m Captain Joe Bruni. Stay safe and we’ll see you next time.

Signs Your Ankle is Broken

What are the signs your ankle is broken? Your supposedly twisted ankle hasnt healed after two weeks. Youve kept it in wraps and ice and it still hurts to walk on. You could sprain it that bad. A broken ankle will be agony if there is any pressure on it, hurting far worse than a sprain. And a sprain will get better unless you overuse it too soon.

Whereas you cant run on a broken leg. And you cant run on a broken ankle. What else should I look for? Im assuming there are not any jagged bones sticking out of the leg. Thats a pretty obvious sign. A deformed ankle, twisted at a weird angle, is a sign it is broken. A sprain or even tissue.

Tear will only make it swell up. Thats not reassuring. A broken ankle will have similar symptoms like throbbing pain, bruising and tenderness. Thats where it is hard to tell if it is sprained or broken. But youre probably dealing with a broken bone if you cant put a shoe on, and it is broken if cant put any pressure on it without wanting to scream.

Sprains are like that. I mean literally scream, not figuratively. Like saying you literally cant get out of bed if you arent tied down to it is figuratively making me want to bash your head in. Whereas a broken bone is literally killing you. Only if it is so bad it causes really bad internal bleeding and blood clots. But if.

The whole foot and ankle look reddish purple, something badly damaged and you need to get to an ER. I didnt hear anything snap. A stress fracture wont make noise. And it might not have been loud enough to generate an audible snap, or you were too distracted by the pain to hear anything but gasps of pain.

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