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How To Severely Sprained Your Ankle

You know, throughout the course of everyday life, we’re all going to incur some type of minor injury. Hi, I’m Captain Joe Bruni, and what I’m going to talk about is how to know whether you’ve sprained an ankle. Many times when the ankle or foot is rolled to the inward part of the body or the outward part of the body, it can cause ligament, tendon, and even muscle damage to occur. When this occurs, there will be a significant amount of pain which is one of the signs and symptoms that you have sprained your ankle. Sit down and.

Remove your shoe and sock if you’re wearing one and evaluate for pain, swelling and any deformity. If any deformity is noted, there may be a strong possibility that you’ve indeed fractured the ankle and not just sprained it. A sprain will involve a great deal of pain and swelling and possibly discoloration may occur shortly after the injury. If this occurs, you may have to move on to treatment of the sprained ankle. But sprains are indicative to rolling the foot to the inside or to the outside of the body and a great deal of pain.

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