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How To Deliberately Sprain Your Ankle

Hey, i was wondering today about why so many people break their ankles. i mean, is it that simple to break it or are they that stupid? Well, when you eat so many donuts a day and get as fat as a barrel, then it’s simple to break your bones. All that lard is there for one reason and one reason alone: to make your life tougher. Wise words from a simple person, I like how this sounds.

Anyway, if you want to break your ankle, you’ll need to get a solid object like a cinder block and then drop it on your ankle. It will hurt so bad you’ll pee your pants, but you’ll manage to break it. Just imagining that I felt the excruciating pain. Do you have any other ideas on how I would be able to break my ankle without too much pain. Well, thats like asking me to tell you how to smash your face into a door, without.

It hurting. it’s kind of dumb, but since i know you very well, i won’t mind. Is that an insult?? It’s a compliment Ah, ok, please go on. Sure Now there are also other less painful ways and you could take some medications before you’ll do it, but it still takes a lot of courage so only try this if you’re willing.

To go all the way. I see Lastly, if you really want to feel no pain while breaking it, just go to a trained professional, use anesthesia and you will certainly not feel a thing when it happens. That sounds so crazy I think I’ll do it. While I have no idea why anyone would want to do this, knowing how big of an idiot you.

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