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Broken Ankle Can You Fly

i’m coyote peterson. Now you’ve seen me stung by harvester ants, fire ants, and scorpions. But today, I’m moving a rung up on the insect sting pain index, and I’m going to be stung by the cow killer.

I have a feeling that this one is going to hurt. Oh boy. (scream) (intense percussion music) There’s no question about it. The wild west is rough and rugged.

And whether you’re talking about the rocky terrain, laced with spine covered plants, or its animals, most of which are armed with fangs and stingers, Arizona’s Sonoran Desert is an adventure lover’s playground. Sure we all have our fears of being bitten by a rattlesnake when venturing off trail.

Or in my case, having a giant desert centipede run on my pant leg. But in actuality, the good news is that each and every one of these creatures does its best to avoid human interaction. However, sometimes you have an accidental runin.

And when you do, a bite or a sting can be incredibly painful. (gasping) Yeah, he got me. He bit me. Mark You sure?.

coyote yeah, he definitely bit me. When it comes to my line of work, the goal is to have an interaction, so that I can show you the effects of these encounters. This way we can all learn why it’s important to be in tune with our surroundings,.

And why it’s always best to admire animals from a safe distance. Velvet ant, velvet ant! (mumbling) I can pick off, yes, hold on, he’s underneath the log, I just started.

To tip and so i ran back, hold on a second. Mark I saw him. Coyote Did you see it? Mark He ducked out and ducked back in. Coyote There it is, there it is. Mark Get him, get him to go in it.


Hello, everybody! my name is markiplier and welcome to killing room! The game show where you can. FIND YOUR DREAMS! and MAKE MONEY and also probably die! (A lot.) But I’m good at NOT dying! as far as I know in my life. But I’m gonna be. Good. To go.

What the hell was that. OOOHHHH! That’s COOOOL! Oh, so if If you stream this game. I can create. A custom URL OOHHH! DATS AWSUM!!.

Well, i mean, it doesn’t work now, but if i were to stream this game. I could create this custom URL and then YOU GUYS! Could. *Rethinks* DICK me over, WHICH I KNOW YOU DO! And I don’t BLAME you for that! It’d make it more interesting; I’m too good at this! I need a little. I need a little SPICE in my life!.

Ahn. thor? Mighty ass guardian reporting for duty! I DO like being an nice ASS guardian! So. I’m gonna get into this! Oh, I was something completely different apparently. Oh, this is like a roguelike game, where.

If you don’t know what a roguelike game is, i’ve talked about it before, it’s where: You only get 1 chance, if you die, you die! Everything is randomly generated and stuff like that. OKEY! So, i just have to do good! And not die! Is that what I’m supposed to be HEY!.

How you doin’? hello. Woahho, that’s a bit handsy with That’s That’s a little That’s a little aggressive, I’ve gotta Hey, hey! Stop that! Stop! Don’t even think about it Okay. Sorry Excuse my blood hand. You know, I don’t have a lot of time to wash.

we were expecting you, dear. i’m lily. hi, lily. Don’t mind the smell, it’s just the burning flesh of the previous contestants from the second floor. Please, go to the elevator which will take you to the training floor. Oh, should I Call me, if you survive. Okay, ah gibberish You were looking off to my left, I wasn’t sure if you were talking to me or somebody else here, but.

I guess i’m the only one stupid enough to go on this game show. You know, you you jiggle a lot, which is something I appreciate. Let’s see how popular I can g what if this was how YouTube was, like you HAD to go into into a killing death pit just to get subscribers, and your popularity was based on the fact that you’re not dead yet? And you had a wall of lost YouTubers?.

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