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Best Way To Treat Sprained Ankle

Today i want to talk about the most undertreated injury of the lower extremity, and that’s what’s considered the common ankle sprain. Now, essentially w what happens when you sprain your ankle, is you turn your ankle like this and you end up ripping or stretching two ligaments that sit here and here. The problem with this injury is that over 50% of patients that sprain their ankle will develop a condition called chronic lateral ankle instability if it’s not treated correctly. That means if it’s not treated correctly, you will develop chronic.

Ankle sprains over you life, and by chronic that can just be one or two a year, but if you keep doing that steadily over time, you’re eventually going to end up with arthritis in your ankle joints, that’s something you definitely want to avoid. The good thing is, there’s been a tremendous amount of literature and a lot of research on how to best treat ankle sprains over the past ten or fifteen years, and it’s very clear how it should best be done. So number one, is in the first approximately week to 2 weeks.

We’re going to immobilize you, and that means we’re going to put you into a walking boot like that. Now depending on the degree of injury, it may just be for a few days but it may be up to a couple weeks. After that, we’re going to move you into an ankle brace. Now usually we can start you on rehab exercises after the first week or so, those are usually oneleg balance exercises, and again the research is very clear on what’s the best type of injury for this.

Once we can move you out of that boot into an ankle brace, even though you’re wearing the ankle brace, you can usually start back to full exercise activity quite rapidly, but you have to protect this thing, and you have to prevent further injury to it. I think the number one thing I can say is, the takehome on this, is if you do sprain you ankle, see a podiatrist who specializes in sports medicine, get it evaluated, make sure there is no fracture involved, make sure the right ligament is being treated, and that you are getting adequate.

Fastest Way to Heal a Sprained Ankle

I think i sprained my ankle. Oh wow, maybe you should go to the . I don’t think it is really that bad. I can still walk on it a little bit. What happened? Were you chasing that cute blonde chick down the street? Yeah, you funny girl. No, this is going to sound dumb but I think I walked into a hole on the yard.

I need to figure out how to heal this sprained ankle fast though, because track practice starts next week. Well what are you going to do? Well it says that you should put your leg up and elevate it. This allows the swelling to go down, and fluid to drain. Contrary to popular opinion you are not supposed to use an ace bandage or wrap the ankle in.

Any way. it also says that you should spell out the alphabet with your foot. You know the alphabet? Yes, hilarious Jill. It says that helps to promote a normal range of motion, and keeps scar tissue from building up. Well, that sounds like what you need. I bet it will hurt though. I am not looking forward to it, but I will do anything that will help.

Are there any other tips? i will remember them in case i ever get a sprained ankle. Well I don’t think you will ever get a sprained ankle. You are grace incarnate! I may get a sprained ankle, but Thank you Bill, dance training pays off. It says you are supposed to alternate cold and hot water therapy. A few minutes of cold, and then a few minutes of hot water therapy. That sounds good. I bet you will enjoy the hot better than the cold.

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