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Balance Board Exercises For Ankle

Hi everyone! it’s katie! i hope having a wonderful day. Today I am beginning a new series, and it will be ongoing, and that is an exercise, workout, ballet, barre, strengthening, everything type series. This is something you’ve all been asking for, so I’m thrilled to be able to share it with you, and I really hope it helps. So today’s tutorial.

Is fee and pointe work strengthening. i know all of you are preparing for your summer courses and are panicked to get in shape. I know. I had been there, trust me! So I really hope that this works for you. But I do need your input. After you watch this tutorial, let me know if you like the format because I’m considering one of two options. The first option is as the tutorial is, where I sit down and show you all the exercises and.

How to do them in a voiceover. and then you just go and do them on your own time. The second option is as if you were doing a workout DVD. So you play the tutorial, I sit down with you in real time, and you follow along with me and come back to it as a workout each and every time. So just let me know which one you like. Again, this is about making this work for you, and I hope you enjoy.

The first thing you want to do is to release the muscles in your feet. Like any other muscle you’ll be able to tone and strengthen the more if they are looser. So roll out your feet with a little ball mine’s from a pet store. Make sure you get your arch, under your metatarsals and even at the base of your heel to release your Achilles. You will need a theraband for the next set of.

Exercises. place the theraband around your toes and simply point and flex your feet ten times. Really roll through the balls your feet to strengthen your metatarsals. Keeping the foot pointed, lift the toes ten times. Bending your knee, keeping the theraband where it is, just bend the ankle, leaving the toes flexed upward.

15 times. now repeat the same motion with the toes curled. Keeping the knee bent, roll through the foot. Again, try and only move from the ankle. Repeat this ten times. Now reverse the motion, scooping down out, and up. Keeping the theraband over the toes, straighten the knee and lean forward to stretch the foot.

You’ll need some equipment for the next few exercises but i’ll provide Amazon links below. Standing on a balance disc on one foot, find your balance for 30 to 60 seconds. This will really give your ankle stability so during long Adagios, you won’t wobble around. If you don’t have this balance disc, you can use yoga mat with a folded up towel.

While not quite as challenging, it will still give you the same benefits. Next with a rockboard, stand in the middle on one leg and just find your balance. Then start to rock back and forth from the ball of the foot to heel. This will really give you calf strength as well as ankle strength for pointe work and jumps. Now stand turned out and the rockboard. These exercises you can do as much as you like.

Important balance exercise for sprained ankle 20100406

Today, i am going to introduce the latest musical instrument for making pizza! Use musical instrument to make pizza!? Of course not. This is for percussion and this is for making pizza. This is pretty hard. However, our Chan does not make pizza. Do you have a side job, Doc? Nope. Good morning! Good morning! If I still remember correctly, we should continue to talk about sprained ankle.

So, what is this? this is an instrument with multiple uses. This is called balance board or rocker board. Balance board! Or rocker board! Yes, rocker board! What is the use of this rocker board? When we have a sprained ankle, very often we will lose the sense of balance. This is not just for sprained ankle;.

The sense of balance can be affected even when there is an injury at the ankle, knee or even lower back. How to use this to retrain our sense of balance? So where the sense of balance is coming from? From our brain. Really!? Yes, that is correct. Since the sense of balance is coming from the brain, we do not need to train for a long period of time. In average, 5 minutes are good enough.

Everyday. in other words, you are training the brain. That is correct. To regain the sense of balance. Lets give it a try. So, put the balls in here Yes, this is just one of the designs. There are many ways of playing with it. Joe is going to demonstrate!? So why dont you try first? Wow! Put one ball on each side.

I love different colours So, put the balls on both sides. Yes, that is correct. You got to be careful. I am ok. He is standing on the board! Leaning on the side. Ok, you are standing right in the center of the board. Try to feel the end ranges, so please rock from side to side.

So, this is the farthest you can go. that is correct. Wow! Will this cause another incidence of sprained ankle!? Possible. That is why you need to be careful. When you feel comfortable, you can try to maintain balance in the middle stance. Wow! This is a person who sprained his ankle a lot. No, I have hard time keeping in balance. I cannot balance my life either.

Or you are lacking the ability to maintain balance! you are about half way. So, when you can feel the end ranges, then try to balance yourself in the middle. Not too bad. That means you need to keep it in the middle. You have just talked about the need to train our brain. That is why we only do 5 minutes maximum. That makes you quite tired as well. It makes use of the back It makes use of the entire body.

This is good for those who have a sprained ankle? Yes, this is a rehabilitative exercise. Oh! This is a rehab! Oh! After awhile, Id like you to make a turn. How much? Lets turn 45 degrees. 45 degrees. That is correct. And then we will repeat. That means in another angle.

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