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Ankle Zip Black Jeans

Whats good with the gang , you already know what it is. squad shit gang gang gang and ima show yall how to add zippers to the bottom of your jeans and uhh i don’t know why i said that , cause i know you niggas can read but , it’s real live becoming a nuisance everyday struggle like I feel like i an save 10 minutes off yall lives when i get off school,or work or when i finish killing the game i dont know why i said the first two, because I dont do neither one of those.

But i get finished killing the game,cause i do that everyday, *strong arm emoji* but at the end of the day I real live cant get my jeans off my ankles and i dont know who else that struggle but that shit is real live blowing me when i trying to take off my jeans Im show yall how to do that. Lets get into it . gang gang gang, so I got these jeans from hm.

They some dark blue indigo jonts. i dont know why i said that because yall can see but they was fat as fuck, they straight regular (fit) but I made them skinny , they fit A1 now i just have to get them off A1 Lets rewind it, if you want to make your jeans skinny you can click right here.

I feel like vannah white from wheel of fortune so it’s a simple projec tall your going to need is so what you want to do is, flip your jeans inside out flip it so you can see the median seam make sure you keep the zipper lined up go up like a inch.

And then you want to mark it cut along the seam keep cutting till you reach your mark unity Omar was she right here whitaker the land that way land that way a try show %um told call me a little widow’s peak.

To on know when you stop onto n I’m so i cud the triangle that is trying to ID what you want to do red triangle the you want to lipid that the 12 likes did right there might across disease a 3 know you wanted me to you to secure ID you gone if you want.

Will you be heaving pinning down you while I’m I’m just wanted to call you save me some time high so I stated trying go back history days on issues on the handset that’s how it’s supposed to go to look kinda miss you but that’s okay zone is as you can see there and then which one do from here is you want to stage this.

All the way down to yuki persecuted to recommend like pulling him back for you three like a 90 do you can go from here to here you pull it back the you so Alana pies attack you so across and down this s music on something like this.

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