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Ankle Pain While Sleeping

Hi welcome to another tutorial. My name is VincentWoon. In this tutorial In this tutorial I’m going to share with you about ankle pain. I’mgoing to explain to you why you need to take good care of your feet especially your ankle. Now why do you need to take good care of yourankle? The ankle support your body whole weight, it is important to take good care of yourankle. First of all…if you mess up your ankle,it will mess up your knee, if it mess up your knee, it will mess up your hip, if you messup your hip, you will mess up your lower back, when you mess up your shoulder, then yourneck, then muscles at the bottom of your skull and your head.

I’m going to show you a couple of exerciseyou need to do especially before you get up from the bed and if you have an ankle problem. Stretch number one while you still in bedbring your feet to 90º angle and stretch forward, bring your toes back and bend a littleand stretch forward, back and stretch forward, Front view, toes back towards you and stretchforward, backwards and forward. Second stretch turn your ankle to the left,left, left like this. Your goal is to move your ankle and the movement should be likethis, just like turning a door knob but doing it the action with your ankle. Left, left.

Front view, left, left, to the right, right,right and right. Stretch number three, hold on to your ankleor the pain area. find it first and move your toes forward and you will hear the poppingsound. Find the other pain areas., sometimes it’s here and sometimes it’s over hereand stretch forward and backwards. If sometimes you get pain here or on thisside, the front side of the ankle. Just put some pressure on it, with your finger pad,press on it and forward, backward, forward, backward. All these three exercise is good for you todo way before you get off from bed in the morning and it help loosen up the ankle andprepare you for the day and will definitely make a difference when you get off the bed.

Thank you very much for watching if you haveany question please feel free to ask me in the comment box below and don’t forget tovisit my blog at http://StressedOutStressFree and sign up for my Stressed Out Stress FreeNewsletter on Health and Stress and I see you in the next tutorial..

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