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Ankle Injury Journals

Kirk vickers: this next movement is really focused on the feet and the ankles. this is called a dynamic walking foot and ankle stretch. But if you pay attention, we’re going to go through the movement of the foot and the ankle and create a better strike and a better movement pattern through the foot and the ankle. What we’re going to do is we’re going to exaggerate a heel strike so we’re going to come down on the heel, so come way up. We’re going to get a lot of Achilles stretch and a lot of calf stretch through this. We’re going to.

Come through and pop way up on to the toe, come back down on to the opposite heel. come up, stabilize, slowly come down, back on to the heel. We’re trying to create a better rocker mechanism through the foot. Our foot works in a rocking motion, and we’re trying to get a better control for the foot and the anklethrough the foot and the ankles. Many people have breakdown dysfunction and problems at the feet and the ankles because they have proper control through the foot and the ankle. This will help you get proper strength and.

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