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Ankle Injuries From Trampoline

Already there have been a number of painful injuries at the rio 2016 olympic games and in this list we take a look at some of them. Please note that there are graphic images in this tutorial so viewer discretion is advised. Number 5 Annemiek Van Vleuten Dutch cyclist, Annemiek Van Vleuten suffered a shocking but nasty crash while leading the womens cycling road race. As she was descending down a road, the 33yearold attempted to.

Perform a sharp turn around a bend, however, was thrown off her bike, leaving her motionless and severely concussed. The nearfatal crash resulted in Van Vleuten being ised and put into intensive care and she sustained three lumbar spinal fractures as well as multiple cuts across her face and body. Van Vleutens own mother even thought that her own daughter was dead after seeing the crash but thankfully the Dutch cyclist is recovering well from something that could have left her in a far worse state.

Number 4 sarah menezes During the quarter finals of the Womens 48kg Judo event, defending Olympic champion, Sarah Menezes, suffered a broken arm after Mongolias Urantsetseg Munkhbat locked Menezes in an armbar. As the two were grappling, the Mongolian tossed Menezes to the mat and locked in a deep armbar on the right arm of Menezes. This resulted in Menezes having to submit at the moment of the fracture and she left the arena clutching her injured arm while.

Receiving a warm applause from the crowd. Number 3 Vincenzo Nibali Italian cyclist, Vincenzo Nibali was involved in a brutal crash that left him with a broken collarbone during the Olympic Road Race. As Nibali was approaching the final descent of the Vista Chinesa, he attempted to split up from his threeman breakaway group. However, he lost control around a corner and subsequently crashed. The 31yearold cyclist was diagnosed.

With a double fracture on his collarbone and was flown back to italy to undergo surgery to have metal plates inserted in his collarbone. Number 2 Andranik Karapetyan Armenian weightlifter, Andranik Karapetyan, suffered a sickening injury while attempting to perform a 429lb (195kg) clean and jerk. Halfway through the clean and jerk, the 20yearold Armenians left elbow horrifically hyperextended as he extended his left elbow too far causing.

His arm to bend the other way. he was left screaming in agony before being helped out of the stage by coaching and medical staff. Number 1 Ait Said French gymnast, Samir Ait Said suffered a gruesome leg break after a botched vault landing in the mens qualifying. The awkward landing saw Said break his leg below his knee and his lower leg was seen dangling at a rightangle. The cracking noise from the doublebreak was.

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