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Ankle Fx Rehab

In this tutorial, im going to show you some great exercises to get your body ready to run again after a Metatarsal stress fracture. So youve been told that the foot pain youre suffering with is a metatarsal stress fracture. This is one of those injuries that I can unfortunately speak about from personal experience. I can definitely confirm that this isnt an injury you can run through! As youve nodoubt been told, resting the foot is hugely important to allow the the.

Bone tissue to heal properly. However its important to remember that while youre resting the foot, theres still loads you can do in terms of exercise. With the right rehab plan we can make sure that when the time comes, youre ready to get back to running stronger than ever. After all. its the foot were trying to rest. As long as were careful to protect.

The foot theres still the other 95% of the body that we can work on! Ive actually created a free downloadable Metatarsal Stress Fracture rehab guide to go alongside this tutorial with a series of bonus exercises and rehab progressions. Ill leave the link in the description of this tutorial be sure to check it out Now, lets take a look at the various different phases of metatarsal stress fracture rehab and checkout a few of the key exercises you can be working on at each stage.

Ok so during this early stage of your injury, we of course have to protect the foot from undue loading and stress while the bone begins to heal. Whether you’re in a protective boot or not, the this period of time where you’re not using the foot normally can have consequences for areas higher up the body, such as the hips and the low back. While you can’t load the foot too much at this point, you can still promote good movement.

Throughout the rest of your body. Here are a couple of hip and back mobility exercises you can work on without damaging your foot. Start on all fours. From there, take one knee and bring it forwards towards your elbow. From there bring the knee out to the side and straighten the leg backward from the hip. Repeat this circular movement ten times, then reverse the movement.

Aim for three sets of ten on each side. Laying on your front, reach your left foot and leg back and across your body to touch the ground on the right of your body. You’ll feel your glutes and low back working as you extend the hip through movement. You’ll also be getting a great stretch through the front of the hip. Repeat this on your right and left alternately, and aim for three sets of 10.

In the same way, while you’re not using the foot normally, sometimes the ankle and foot it self can get a little stiff. This simple atoz exercise where you ‘write’ the letters of the alphabet with your toes gives your foot and ankle a thorough workout in all planes of motion. When your Physio gives you the go ahead to begin gradually loading the foot again, any exercise where we work on balance and stability is a great option. just as long as nothing.

You do causes your foot pain. This single leg toe touch exercise is one of my favourite balance and single leg stability exercises for runners! It’s so simple yet so effective. Standing on one leg, maintain your balance as you keep your back straight and pivot forwards from the hips. Reach down to touch your big toe with your opposite hand, then stand up straight again.

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