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Ankle Fusion Rehab Time

Ankle arthrodesis, commonly known as ankle fusion surgery, is a reconstructive surgical procedure where the bones of a damaged ankle joint are fused into one single bone. This eliminates motion and reduces pain associated with movement of the joint. It is a highly successful procedure commonly suggested for repair of severely injured joints. During the procedure, the end of the fibula is cut to gain access to the joint. Damaged bones and cartilage are then removed. Screws, and possibly plates, are used to fix the tibia.

And talus together. with time, bone tissue grows fusing the joint into one solid mass of bone. Sometimes, bone graft may be added to facilitate bone growth. Bone graft is usually taken from some other bones of the same person. Screws and plates will remain inside the body after surgery. After the surgery, the up and down range of motion is mostly restricted, but lateral movement remains unchanged. The majority of people with ankle fusion do not limp. Compared to ankle joint replacement and other ankle procedures,.

ACL Tear Stretches Exercises Ask Jo

Hey everybody, it’s jo, and today i’m gonna show you some stretches and exercises for an ACL Tear that’s either nonoperative or a preop workout. Alright, let’s get started. So the ACL stands for Anterior Cruciate Ligament. And it is the ligament in your knee that prevents it form sliding forward and backward to give you that stability. So if it’s torn, besides a lot of pain, a lot of times you have instability in that knee. And it feels like it’s wobbling when you walk and it can be really painful. So even if you’re gonna have to have surgery,.

A lot of times it’s a really good idea to do the stretches and exercises before because the more motion and strength you can have before surgery, the better your recovery is gonna be afterwards. So let’s just start off with some simple stuff to get that knee moving and get some of that swelling and irritation out of there. The first one is just gonna be a heel slide. So the leg that you’re gonna work, you’re gonna put it all the way down. And it’s gonna be just like it sounds, you’re gonna slide your heel up towards your bottom.

So just bringing it up this way and then slowly coming back down. now if it’s hurting, you might only be able to get to about here. And that’s ok. Just go, give it a little push and then come back down. But you don’t really want to force it through pain right now. Especially if you have that tear in there, you just want to keep that movement that you can and get that circulation in there to help some of that swelling get out. So just start off with about 10 of these and then work your way up to more sets of 10 and then 20 25 if those.

Become easy. and then coming back down. then next one is gonna be a quad set. with a quad set, what you’re doing is squeezing that quad muscle. Tightening it up to push that knee down into the ground. Sometimes people take a little towel to roll it up. If you have that tear and it’s just happened recently, it might be really painful to straighten it all the way out, so putting a little towel roll might help. But otherwise you’re gonna contract that muscle there, squeeze down just like you’re trying to push your knee down.

Into the ground. if you pull your toes up, that helps do that setting as well. hold it for about 3 5 seconds and then relax. So you see how it’s squeezing there to push down into the ground. Holding it, coming back up. Again, just start off with about 10 of those and work your up from there. The next one is just gonna be an ankle pump. Because even though stuff is going on at your knee, the muscles that move the ankle also come up around that knee. So you want to make sure all that stuff is working and moving so it doesn’t.

Get tight on you. just prop it up on something. foam rollers work really well, you don’t have to use a foam roller, you can just put it off the edge of the bed, or prop it up on a stool on the ground, but you want your heel to be free moving because you’re just gonna push down and then come all the way back up. Try and keep your knee straight if you can, you saw mine try and bend a little bit, but just push down and then come up. And you’re gonna be working these calf muscles in the back, the anterior muscles in the front, and.

Just getting those moving. again, making a natural pump, that’s why it’s called ankle pump, to get that irritation, swelling, inflammation out of the leg back in to your body. So with these, you can start off with more than just 10, you can go ahead and start off with 15 20 of them. And do them several times throughout the day just to keep that swelling out of there. Alright. The next one we’ll still use the roll for that, is gonna be, we call it a short arc quad, SAQ. Put the roll, or you can roll up a big towel, and put it up under.

The knee. just relax the knee. the knee is not gonna come up off of the roll. so this is nice cause it helps to support the knee a little bit. And then you’re just gonna try and straighten out your leg as much as you can. And then slowly come back down. Really try to control the coming back down. Don’t just plop it back down. Besides it hurting a little bit, it’s not actually working the muscles. So come up, kind of squeeze at the end, again squeezing that quad muscle, and then slowly come back down. Just start off.

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